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Sell: Bleeding simulator
Hi-fidelity manikins
$200 per set
Location: Western University Clinical Education Suite, London, Ontario, Canada
Laerdal Bleeding Trauma Module Set
Two Laerdal bleeding trauma modules sets, which have never been used, are for sale. They are still in the original boxes. These items can be attached to various Laerdal mannequins to teach the following skills: These items can be used to teach the following skills: Training of arterial pressure application Tourniquet application Gauze packing Dressing techniques Each set consists of the following items: Bleeding Trauma Amputation Arm (Right) (1) Bleeding Trauma Amputation Thigh (Left) (1) Bleeding Trauma Thigh (Right) (1) Bleeding Trauma Arm (Left) (4) Reservoirs with Tubing (1) Simulated Blood (1) Carry Case (1) Laerdal Global Warranty Booklet
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