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Nasco Healthcare
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Product Categories:
Hi-fidelity manikins, Mid/low-fidelity manikins, Software simulators, Task trainers, Moulage
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Program/curriculum design & delivery

Nasco Healthcare proudly manufactures Life/form® and Simulaids products for your training needs.  We are known for high quality and great value.  Celebrating over 60 years of proven satisfaction in the world of simulation. Please pay special attention to ALEX, our new PCS (Patient Communication Simulator).  ALEX is the first manikin on the market to have intelligent conversations with the “student”.  ALEX also captures interaction between patient and student from the patients point of view via a built-in camera in the eyes. ALEX retails for under $20,000 CAD.  You will not find another high-fidelity option on the market in that price range! For more information and a quick video please go to

Additional product categories include: laboratory equipment, real/mock clinical supplies, experiential simulators, haptic trainers, accessories, clinical simulators, imaging phantoms, furniture and video capture.

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Stacey Haywood at 905-954-4918 or [email protected]

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Alex Patient Communication Simulator

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Stacey Haywood, Healthcare Sales Director – Canada
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