Associated Health Systems Inc.

Associated Health Systems Inc.
Have sales office in Canada
Have technical support in Canada
Product Categories:
Laboratory equipment, Real/mock clinical supplies, Mid/low-fidelity manikins, Task trainers, Custom made

Associated Health Systems manufactures and supplies Health Science Programs & Simulation Labs with a comprehensive selection of lab supplies and equipment. Canadian owned and operated.  We are the oldest and largest customized kit manufacturer in Canada.

  • Customized Lab Skills Kits for all Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, HCA, PSW, EMT, EMR, Lab Tech, Vet Tech, Forensics, Funeral Services programs.
  • Simulated Medications
  • Lab supplies and equipment
  • Customized Trays
  • Consulting Services

Key Contact Information

Avery Stobbe, Sales Representative – Health Science Programs
Direct Email
Phone: 780 732-1961 Toll Free: 877 451-6720 x 1961