COVID-19 Simulations

COVID-19 Simulations
Wed, March 11

Many simulationists are working on strategis and scenarios to prepare and test systems and educate providers and students. We are collecting a list of resources here. If you know of anything to add, please inform us!


On April 3rd, we were joined by simulation leaders from 4 Canadian hospitals to learn how they are using simulations to make care more efficient and safer for both patients and providers.

COVID Sim Scenarios & Exercises

For system rehearsal and assessment:

Planning Advice

BC Simulation Network: COVID-19 Simulation Guide - Great for in-situ sim activities including planning, logistics, briefing, facilitation, debriefing and follow-up

Alberta: Webinar recording on their provincial strategies for using simulation to prepare hospitals and providers

Emergency Department

EM SIM CASES: Suspected COVID-19 (1) - to test an emergency department's readiness to respond to a suspected case

Simulation Canada: COVID in Community Hospital - adaptation of EM Sim Cases #1 for community hospital preparedness testing + in-situ sim planning guide

Simulation Canada: Respiratory failure in a patient with coronavirus - Patient presents to community hospital, needs PPE, isolation, intubation, resuscitation

EM SIM CASES: Suspected COVID-19 (2) - a moderately unwell patient presents to ambulatory care

The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa and University of Colorado: Video simulation scenarios to assess and improve team preparedness for safely and effectively caring for a critically ill coronavirus patient:

St. Emlyn's (emerg med) Blog: Practical Exercise Without Casualties for possible coronavirus in the emergency department

Gold Coast Health Sim Service: COVID-19 in Emergency Room Needing Intubation - for system testing + PPE use

Gold Coast Health Sim Service: STEMI and VF Resuscitation of Patient with COVID Exposure - resuscitation while protecting selves

Operating Room

The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa and University of Colorado: COVID-19 Case 3: Patient with COVID Requiring Surgery - to assess and improve team preparedness for safely and effectively preparing a critically ill coronavirus patient who requires surgery.

Life in the Fast Lane Blog: Airway Management in the Operating Room - from simulationists in Hong Kong; includes airway management reference poster


Package of 4 Obstetrical COVID scenarios from Gold Coast Health Sim Service (Antenatal Respiratory Distress; Uncomplicated Vaginal Birth; Respiratory Distress in Labour; Bradycardia and C-Section)

Center for Medical Simulation: Simulation Exercises for L&D, Labor, Cesarean Delivery in Cases with COVID-19


Children's Health Queensland: Nebulized Medication During COVID - includes clinical resources and reference poster

National Level

WHO: Tabletop Simulation for national-level health authorities to strengthen existing plans, procedures and capabilities

For students and practitioners:

FullCode: Fever and Cough After Travel (Case #83) - virtual sim case of high-risk for COVID

BodyInteract: Patient Suspicious for COVID-19 - 5 free virtual patient cases

CAE Healthcare: COVID Scenario for Teams - includes diagnosis, isolation, personal protection, management and TeamSTEPPS strategies

Laerdal: COVID Resource Centre - includes free scenarios, tools and manikin hygiene information

MedicActiV: Create your own COVID virtual patient - free to author and distribute scenarios

University of Toronto: Quick ICU Training for COVID-19 - learning resources and reference materials for clinicians who are upskilling, renewing, or reviewing their knowledge and skill for redeployment

PCS Spark: Suspected COVID Assessment by Telehealth

Mount Sinai Hospital: Instructional Video on intubating a patient with COVID

Gold Coast Health Sim Service: COVID on Medical Ward - team communication, PPE, negative pressure room

NETEC (National Ebola Training and Education Center): Group Exercise Templates - written around Ebola preparedness but applicable to COVID

Université Paris-Est Créteil : Deux vidéos de formation sur la ventilation de patient porteur du COVID qui peuvent servir lors de vos séances 

Université de Caen Normandie : Vidéo tuto sur l'extubation d'un patient Covid19 positif

Queen Mary Hospital, Hong King: Video of Simulation for COVID Intubation

Personal Protection & Self-Care

E-Campus Ontario: Hand Hygeine interactive video (proper handwashing) and PPE Donning and Removal interactive video

CAN-Sim: Virtual Simulation Game on PPE selection, donning and doffing + learning management course for facilitators

Intensive Care Society: Staff Well-Being and Self-Care During COVID posters

NorSimS (France): Formez-vous aux bons gestes en vidéo - Habillage, déshabillage, intubation, plus

Advice & Commentaries

STARS Air Ambulance: Collection of clinical education resources including airway management guide and video tutorials

BMJ-STEL: Editorial on Sim & Tech to Prepare/Respond to COVID in China

SimGHOSTS: Advice and resources for Sim Operations during the pandemic

CanadiEM Blog: COVID-19 Intubation Recommendations Poster

Epidemic Learning

WHO Online Course: Emerging respiratory viruses, including COVID-19: methods for detection, prevention, response and control

Washington Post: Disease spread simulations in real time - shows impacts of quarantines and social distancing

Other Collections

Some other websites offering resource collections: