About Simulation Canada Community


Simulation Canada has a dedicated community of more than 2,000 individuals who are involved in all levels of healthcare simulation. We are an inclusive, interprofessional network with representation from all healthcare professions and disciplines as well as various sectors, including colleges/universities, hospitals, government and industry. We also include human services, such as security, firefighting, social work, early childhood education, developmental service work, and more.

To engage with this passionate and dynamic group, making a real difference for healthcare learners and the people of Canada, take a look at our membership programs or contact us!

Full Community

We consider our community, in the broadest sense, to be the mutually supportive group of individuals and organizations that engage with us and each other, subscribe to our communications, use our services, attend our events or contribute to our work.


Our members are organizations (universities, colleges, Cégeps, hospitals, community care agencies and other non-profits) and individuals who pay an annual fee to support the activities, advocacy and sustainability of Simulation Canada. Our governance structure is based on our member organizations.
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Affiliates & Collaborators

Other organizations, associations, networks and societies with whom we work to advance our mission, add value to membership, and expand the impact of simulation.
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We consider industry to be an important part of the simulation ecosystem and part of our community, which drives innovation, research and dissemination. Industry does not steer the governance of Simulation Canada but can participate in many of our activities. Leading companies support the vision and mission of Simulation Canada through our Industry Collaborator program.