Simulation Canada draws on its network of national and international simulation experts and educators to offer premiere consulting services. We provide advice, strategies, and mentorship to institutions and agencies across the world. We help develop simulation programs, centres, training, research techniques, policies and planning tools that foster quality, effectiveness, and best practices.

Our services


Our services also include:

  • Strategic planning;
  • Best practices;
  • Feasibility studies/human factors; 
  • Standards and benchmarks;
  • Utilization, resource, space, and functional requirements; 
  • Standardized Healthcare Role service development;
  • Collaboration and engagement strategies; and
  • Cost-effective purchasing.

Simulation Canada provides innovative design, planning, building, and maintenance of simulation programs and centres that address organization priorities. We define the strategy, management principles, and practices that drive effective planning decisions. We can assist in the development and translation of the vision, curriculum, and desired learning outcomes of stakeholders into effective teaching, learning, and research environments.

Simulation Canada's consulting services have guided the development of many institutions' and groups' customized education and training courses for successful simulation activities.

Our clients

Simulation Canada cultivates strong relationships with its community, which includes universities, colleges, government, healthcare agencies, and industry. Our past consulting clients include Trillium Health Partners, Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH), Baycrest, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

To each of our projects, we bring expert knowledge of precedents and cases of best practices; expertise in allocation of standards and benchmarks; an understanding of the challenges facing healthcare simulation; and knowledge of current trends in simulation delivery, facility innovations, equipment, personnel, and space-planning solutions. We provide innovative, carefully tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs and contexts of our clients.

Simulation Canada’s consulting services are available for national and international clients.

Our consultants

Simulation Canada's consultants are experts in the simulation field. They are the leading directors, educators, technicians, managers, and researchers who understand what is needed to maintain, build, and grow successful simulation programs. Many of our consultants have designed simulation centres and programs from the beginning to end.

Simulation Canada’s consultants are creative thinkers; committed to providing effective, tailored solutions that meet our clients' needs with the highest standards.

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For more information about our consulting services, or to book an appointment, please contact Tim Willett at [email protected].