1. What is SPECS?

The SIM-one Provincial Equipment Coordination Service (SPECS) is an Ontario-wide simulation equipment coordination service. This service will:

  • Provide the basis for the strategic management of Ontario's investments in simulation equipment across health professions, in the Province's community colleges and public universities, and in the clinical setting;
  • Enable cost-efficient access to simulated learning and, therefore, better patient care and patient safety in Ontario;
  • Provide Ontario and its simulation centres with the foundation needed for future collaborative advantage.

2. What is SIM-one?

SIM-one is a not-for-profit organization that connects the simulation community, facilities, and resources across Canada and beyond. SIM-one advocates for and advances simulated learning in health professions education for the benefit of patient care and safety. SIM-one is supported in part by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC).

SIM-one offers advanced educational training and simulationist certification, including the Keystones of Healthcare Simulation and Mastering the Artistic Side of Clinical Simulation (MASCS) certificate programs.

In addition, SIM-one hosts a number of free, online services that are open to simulationists and health professionals across the globe. This includes the SIM Scenario ExchangeTM for peer-reviewed simulation scenarios and tools, the SIM MarketplaceTM for the buying and selling of gently-used simulation equipment, the SIM Product Directory, and more.

Drawing on our broad network of simulation experts and leading educators, we offer premium consulting services in a variety of areas, including custom education and training, simulation centre design and support, and research and development.

SIM-one is also the proud host behind Canada’s premiere healthcare simulation event, the annual SIM Expo.

3. What is simulation?

Simulation is the imitation of some real thing, state of affairs or process. In health professions education, simulation is a methodology to help achieve educational goals. Healthcare simulation encompasses a range of activities that share a broad but common purpose: To improve the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare services.

4. What will the benefits of SPECS be to my organization?

This service will provide your organization with:

  • Accurate snapshots – The information we gather will be readily available to your organization
  • Real-time reporting – Your centre will be provided with an informative, real-time asset management dashboard
  • Customized reports – Customized reports will be prepared for your organization’s specific needs. Granular and high level reports can be prepared, depending on your needs.

5. How much time will I have to commit to the project?

A SIM-one Client Services Specialist will be designated to your centre(s). Our staff will require access to your centre(s) to perform the inventory and will seek assistance from your centre staff only as required. Our goal is to cause minimal disruption.

6. How will this be implemented?

SIM-one Client Services Specialists will perform the inventory on a dedicated, secure Canadian server. Your designated Client Services Specialist will regularly contact you to ensure your inventory is up to date.

7. Who do I contact for more information?

Email us at info@SIM-one.ca for more information.