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How does it work?
With Viso you can create recordings of video, audio, and computer screens in multiple rooms at once. Record from up to four IP cameras per room. Easily manage different scenario recordings from one central location. When recording, you can set markers or add comments from any location. With dedicated user roles on three levels, you have complete control.

Why use it?
• Highly scalable: depending on your requirements, Viso can be configured for two to an unlimited number of rooms.
• Quick debriefing: set markers via a simple key press and add comments at any time.
• Centralized control: independent recording from multiple rooms using a single software license.

Who uses it?
Viso creates the perfect set up for your facility. You can view recordings live or directly afterwards in any preferred location. Because there is no delay in the debriefing, the educator’s attention can be completely focused on the learners’ behavior. No matter what kind or research field you are in, Viso is the most user-friendly tool available on the market today.


At Noldus we understand the need for our valued customers to achieve maximum return on investment. We want you to benefit from the investments you made, which is why our service is very fast and reliable. We are eager for you to get the best from Noldus too and accordingly we offer three service contracts which enables you to protect and improve upon your investment. The basic, plus, and platinum contracts represents the most cost effective way of ensuring you and your teams have access to help and assistance when you require it, together with regular software updates to ensure you are always up-to-date.

Technical Support:

Each Noldus product is thoroughly tested and comes complete with detailed documentation and instruction manuals. However, technical issues may arise from time to time. For these instances, we have a professional staff of technical support representatives to assist you in a timely manner.

All support inquiries are acknowledged within one business day and most issues are solved even faster.

You can reach us almost every hour of the day.

Support helpdesks are located in different time zones and continents for your convenience.

Our technical support staff uses the latest communication tools to provide timely and helpful personal assistance.

Technical support for Noldus products is available via the website, by telephone, e-mail, and Skype.


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