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BrightMatter Simulate
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The BrightMatter™ Brain Simulator offers an integrated simulation solution for practicing minimally invasive neurosurgeries and open craniotomies. It consolidates the critical steps of the neurosurgical workflow, including imaging, planning, navigating, and resecting targets into a single training solution. The simulated brain component within this product offering has been carefully formulated to emulate the haptic response and tactile properties of brain matter, including shear and resistance, in order to make the training experience as life-like as possible. The simulator features 4 tumors, a dura, anatomically correct sulci, and is available with a drillable bone cap. BrightMatter Simulate is an immersive training solution that allows surgeons to practice new techniques and trial new products and instruments.

  • Anthropomorphic Brain
  • Anatomically Correct Sulci
  • Tactile and Haptic Response Emulating Brain tissue
  • MRI, CT, and US Visible
  • 4 Resectable Targets per Brain
  • Suturable Dura
  • Drillable Bone Cap
  • Re-Usable Holder with Replaceable Brain Component
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