PureMedSim Technology Group

PureMedSim Technology Group
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Software simulators, Computer modeling

PureMedSim Technology Group is a medical simulation company that develops real time human patient simulators. Using a “bottom – up” principle of simulation starting from Cells to Organs, Systems, and Organism, PureMedSim products differentiates itself by being the closest simulator to the real processes taking place in a human body. The system comprises a full-scale model of a human organism, including all normal physiological, biophysical and biochemical processes in separate organs and systems, and provides generating of all required indices and signals, e.g. 12-lead ECG from microcurrents in cardiac cells. This model can be engaged in all medical studies: biophysics, normal physiology, biochemistry etc.

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Oleg McLane, CEO
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Phone: 416-838-7268