Eriter Creations Inc. AKA SimLeggings+

Eriter Creations Inc. AKA SimLeggings+
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Experiential simulators

SimLeggings+ owned and operated by Eriter Creations Inc. As healthcare professionals, we designed products for use by healthcare students and professionals to enhance learning in the simulations environment. Our goal is to “keep it real” by making the simulations as realistic as possible.

Our products, SimLeggingsTM, SimSleevesTM and SimObesityShirtTM are used to mimic symptoms of health conditions on manikins or standardized patients. They are machine washable and available in both beige and dark brown. For ease of use they are designed to zip on and off and come in a handy storage bag.

SimLeggingsTM mimic the feel and appearance of pitting edema – right down to the sheen and pitting characteristics. They extend from the upper portion of the foot, ankle to just below the knee. Sizes include newborn, child, youth and small and large adult.

SimSleevesTM realistically simulate lymphedema. They extend from the thumb/hand up to the shoulder.

SimObesityShirtTM with weighted breasts and abdomen, helps students understand the unique physical, and psychosocial complexities facing bariatric patients. When worn by students, they are able to experience the challenges that an obese patient faces when attempting to complete basic activities of daily living.

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Karen Kennedy & Colleen Ward, Co-Owners
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Phone: 403 360 5406 / 403 756 3883