About SIM-one Research & Development


SIM-one enables and supports research, development and innovation in the field of simulation for health professions education and health system improvement. We offer a number of services including R&D grants, training, mentorship, commercialization support and more.

Drawing upon its extensive network of over 50 simulation centres and over 500 simulation researchers and innovators, SIM-one’s R&D community holds tremendous potential to advance our knowledge of simulation-based training, to develop and implement novel simulation-based curricula and quality improvement programs, and to create new simulation tools and technologies.

SIM-one currently offers the following services. (Note: Some content is only available to logged-in users.)

Simulation Research & Innovation Grant:

SIM-one offers grants to fund research and innovation projects in Ontario. More

Research training:

The Simulation Research Primer is the perfect introduction to the world of research in simulation-based education. SIM-one also offers distance learning and webinars on research and innovation.

R&D mentorship and networking:

SIM-one draws upon its vast network to bring together researchers and innovators from diverse professions and disciplines to enable mentorship for new researchers and collaboration for multi-site and multidisciplinary projects.

Partnership opportunities:

SIM-one is seeking partnerships to further support the development and commercialization of simulation technologies, quality improvement in education and training, knowledge translation, and more. Read about our partnership opportunities.

Innovation support:

SIM-one helps simulationists bring new ideas to life. Whether an idea for a new product, technology, technique or service, SIM-one provides assistance and guidance across the continuum of innovation and commercialization. More


We are constantly screening academic journals for new publications relating to simulation-based education. We also maintain a list of all journals that publish simulation-related papers.

External grants and conferences:

SIM-one maintains up-to-date lists of external funding opportunities and conferences related to healthcare simulation.

Join our community:

We invite simulation researchers and innovators to join our growing movement and make use of our services. Register Now if you have ideas on how we can better support research and innovation in Ontario, or any questions at all, please contact us at RD@SIM-one.ca.