NEW Nasco's Vision Simulation Glasses Kit

Create the realities of six common age-related visual impairments: cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinopathy, hemianopsia, and detached retina. Designed to be easily worn over glasses. Use glasses to attempt common activities of daily living: filling out forms, reading the newspaper, mixing cooking ingredients, etc. Set of 6 pairs of glasses, and user guide with visual challenges worksheets.

Central Line Trainer

A realistic medical training platform designed for students to learn the techniques associated with central venous catheterization. Anatomic features include the clavicle; carotid and subclavian arteries; and the common, internal, and external jugular vein. Continuous practice with this trainer will allow students to improve their technique and strengthen their confidence in inserting central venous catheters. Medical professionals who may benefit from this product include nurses, paramedics, cardiovascular technologist, physicians, EMTs, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants.

BP Sim Bundle

Provides a controlled practice to achieve high competency in detecting and measuring blood pressure. Use the realistic sphygmomanometer on a manikin or real person. Manage the simulator and multiple cuff units with the control pad. The programmable systolic and diastolic (mmHg) settings allow you to set for any range of blood pressure, including hypo-tension, normal, pre-hypertension, hypertension (stages 1 and 2), and hypertensive crisis. Provides realistic Korotkoff sounds. Works with any standard stethoscope. Includes a rechargeable battery for nine hours of use.

Buttock Injection Trainer

The soft silicon of this buttocks model feels similar to real skin, including an epidermis layer, muscular layer, and skeletal frame, but will leave no needle marks. Practice ventrogluteal and dorsogluteal site injection and drug injection on either side of the buttocks. A mechanical pump drains injected liquid automatically. Animated videos, guidelines for injection, and a display of the position and depth of the injection helps users learn proper techniques. The evaluation mode allows objective evaluation of injection procedures and injecting manners.

Blood Pressure Assessment Trainer

Lifelike arm is perfect for practicing auscultation, palpation, or both techniques at the same time. Students can practice and be objectively evaluated in finding systolic and diastolic blood pressure (BP), heart rate, proper placement and compression of cuff, palpation of brachial and radial arteries, interpreting the auscultatory gap, and normal decompression rate, all while keeping the time limit. Program in the systolic and diastolic BP, heart rate, and choose whether an auscultatory gap should be included.


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