Breath Sounds Tutorial

Includes one stethoscope sounder and a verification code card with instructions on downloading sounds. Sounds may be recorded to any media of choice. Sounds include tracheal, bronchial, broncho-vesicular, vesicular, stridor, crackles - rhonchi, polyphonic wheeze, monophonic wheeze, fine crackles, pulmonary edema, plural friction rub, and egophony.

Procardial Stethoscope

Three stethoscopes in one! This premium-grade stainless steel stethoscope delivers accurate auscultation of heart, lung, and Korotkoff sounds with acoustic integrity and clarity. The six included conversion attachments easily transform the dual-head chest piece into nine different configurations, including a complete adult, pediatric, or infant stethoscope. Green indicator dot allows user to easily identify the active sound channel. Dual-lumen, nonstick acoustic tubing is made of latex-free PVC.

Adult First Aid Posters, Set 2

Features updated CPR and choking guidelines. Posters feature step-by-step instructions for safely conducting resuscitations and clearing obstructed airways for teens and adults following the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines approach for CPR: Compressions, Airway, Breathing. Includes Adult CPR and Choking posters. 18" x 24" each. Laminated.

Sacrum Spine T8 Model

Full-size section with spinal cord and nerve branches. Features the sacrum, L-1 through L-5 vertebrae, and T-12 through T-8 vertebrae. The highly detailed normal anatomy is fully articulating. Includes a 4-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 16" model on a 6-1/2" x 5" base with a 6-1/4" x 8-1/4" informational card.


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