Rainbow Food Replica Package

Teach the Rainbow - “Food Guide to Healthy Eating” - with this food replica kit. Contains 19 food replicas representing each of the food groups. Resealable bags are included for storage. Life/form® replicas include:
• apple
• asparagus
• bagel, half
• banana
• bread slice, whole wheat
• broccoli
• carrots
• cereal, cornflakes
• cheese, cubes
• cheese, Swiss
• chicken breast
• crackers, soda
• hamburger, broiled
• juice, orange
• milk, skim
• peanut butter, 2 dabs
• perch

Bone Disease Display

By Betty Wedman-St. Louis, PhD, RD, LD.
The three-dimensional display in this teaching kit portrays both healthy bone and osteoporotic bone and illustrates how bone tissue breaks down and rebuilds itself. Kit also contains a 4-page, 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" booklet titled: Nutrition and Bone Health. Topics covered include: bone remodeling, bone mass, loss of bone mass, osteoporosis, and bone health. Models are mounted on a sturdy, 12" x 9" plaque with wire stand for easy desk or tabletop display. Hand painted. Copyright 2000.

Artery/Heart Disease Display

Betty Wedman-St. Louis, PhD, RD, LD.
Explain the progression of arteriosclerosis and heart disease using this complete teaching kit. The 12" x 9" plaque provides graphic 3D visual of arteries with varying plaque buildup and a life-size heart model depicting coronary blockage. Kit contains 7 overhead transparencies and a 4-page booklet discussing coronary heart disease, cholesterol, and high triglycerides. Copyright 2000.

How Much Fat? Test Tube Display & Life/form Replica Set

Dramatic visual aids to help demonstrate how much fat is found in common foods. This set includes the How Much Fat? Test Tube Display - Part I (WA16053H) and the Life/form® Fats and Food Replica Kit (WA19651H) which contains realistic replicas for all of the foods illustrated in the How Much Fat? - Part I test tube display, including: 8-oz. glass whole milk, 8-oz. glass skim milk, 3-oz. broiled hamburger patty, 3-oz. grilled chicken breast, 3-oz. broiled haddock, 1-oz. round bologna slice, 1-1/2-oz. hot dog, 4-oz. fried hamburger patty, hamburger bun, 1-oz.


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