Bone Disease Display

By Betty Wedman-St. Louis, PhD, RD, LD.
The three-dimensional display in this teaching kit portrays both healthy bone and osteoporotic bone and illustrates how bone tissue breaks down and rebuilds itself. Kit also contains a 4-page, 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" booklet titled: Nutrition and Bone Health. Topics covered include: bone remodeling, bone mass, loss of bone mass, osteoporosis, and bone health. Models are mounted on a sturdy, 12" x 9" plaque with wire stand for easy desk or tabletop display. Hand painted. Copyright 2000.

Artery/Heart Disease Display

Betty Wedman-St. Louis, PhD, RD, LD.
Explain the progression of arteriosclerosis and heart disease using this complete teaching kit. The 12" x 9" plaque provides graphic 3D visual of arteries with varying plaque buildup and a life-size heart model depicting coronary blockage. Kit contains 7 overhead transparencies and a 4-page booklet discussing coronary heart disease, cholesterol, and high triglycerides. Copyright 2000.

How Much Fat? Test Tube Display & Life/form Replica Set

Dramatic visual aids to help demonstrate how much fat is found in common foods. This set includes the How Much Fat? Test Tube Display - Part I (WA16053H) and the Life/form® Fats and Food Replica Kit (WA19651H) which contains realistic replicas for all of the foods illustrated in the How Much Fat? - Part I test tube display, including: 8-oz. glass whole milk, 8-oz. glass skim milk, 3-oz. broiled hamburger patty, 3-oz. grilled chicken breast, 3-oz. broiled haddock, 1-oz. round bologna slice, 1-1/2-oz. hot dog, 4-oz. fried hamburger patty, hamburger bun, 1-oz.

Fats & Food Replica Kit

Kit includes: 8 oz. glass whole milk, 8 oz. glass skim milk, 3 oz. broiled hamburger patty, 3 oz. grilled chicken breast, 3 oz. broiled haddock, 1 oz. round bologna slice, 1-1/2 oz. hot dog, 4 oz. fried hamburger patty, hamburger bun, 1 oz. American cheese slice, lettuce leaf, and tomato slice. Replicas come packaged in a handy storage box.

Ready-Or-Not Tot - Standard Black Female

Take the glamour out of teen pregnancy and demonstrate the realities of the real world to your students. Newborn-size dolls represents a baby of a teen mom - 5 lbs. 8 oz., 20" long. Nasco’s Ready-or-Not Tots® provide the most for your money. They require the student/parent to give multiple types of care with easy recording for the student and quick evaluation and grading for the teacher. You will never have to worry if students neglected the manikin. Ready-or-Not Tot® uses set programs so the teacher always knows when the manikin requires care.


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