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At last! A cost-effective parenting simulator with the “day care” feature teachers have been asking for! Now the FIRST manikin to simulate a baby’s varying needs is even better! The Day Care Pause lets you pause the simulation so students can bring their babies to the “day care center” at school and continue the simulation at the end of the day. Use the baby sitting feature to interrupt the program during the day. After school, simply reactivate the program and return the manikin to the student to continue the simulation.

Rainbow Food Replica Package

Teach the Rainbow - “Food Guide to Healthy Eating” - with this food replica kit. Contains 19 food replicas representing each of the food groups. Resealable bags are included for storage. Life/form® replicas include:
• apple
• asparagus
• bagel, half
• banana
• bread slice, whole wheat
• broccoli
• carrots
• cereal, cornflakes
• cheese, cubes
• cheese, Swiss
• chicken breast
• crackers, soda
• hamburger, broiled
• juice, orange
• milk, skim
• peanut butter, 2 dabs
• perch

Bone Disease Display

By Betty Wedman-St. Louis, PhD, RD, LD.
The three-dimensional display in this teaching kit portrays both healthy bone and osteoporotic bone and illustrates how bone tissue breaks down and rebuilds itself. Kit also contains a 4-page, 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" booklet titled: Nutrition and Bone Health. Topics covered include: bone remodeling, bone mass, loss of bone mass, osteoporosis, and bone health. Models are mounted on a sturdy, 12" x 9" plaque with wire stand for easy desk or tabletop display. Hand painted. Copyright 2000.

Artery/Heart Disease Display

Betty Wedman-St. Louis, PhD, RD, LD.
Explain the progression of arteriosclerosis and heart disease using this complete teaching kit. The 12" x 9" plaque provides graphic 3D visual of arteries with varying plaque buildup and a life-size heart model depicting coronary blockage. Kit contains 7 overhead transparencies and a 4-page booklet discussing coronary heart disease, cholesterol, and high triglycerides. Copyright 2000.


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