MammaCare CBE Simulator-Trainer

MammaCare’s new CBE Simulator–Trainer is a self-administered, palpation training platform that produces and validates breast examination competencies. The computer’s operating program is based on published quality-standard examination protocols. It is used to train clinicians and students who perform or will be performing clinical breast exams and by MammaCare Specialists to train and certify health care professionals.

EndoSim FlexibleEndoscopic Simulator

Built on the highly successful LapSim platform, Surgical Science introduces EndoSim – a cutting edge flexible endoscopic simulator.

With advanced modeling technology showing anatomic detail of the human colon and realistic touch feedback, physicians can experience diverse complications and scenarios while building confidence. Surgical Science’s mission is to develop and deliver cutting edge medical simulation training products with unequaled graphics, usability and skills transference from VR to the OR.


Detailed program now available! Over 65 presentations, demos, workshops!

Next Keystones Apex comprehensive course: Nov 26-30, Oshawa, ON

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