CliniSpace Virtual Sim Center

CliniSpace Virtual Sim Center offers the next generation of training environments for healthcare professionals – immersive, authentic, 3D virtual environments that replicate the familiar surroundings of daily work. Logging into these environments, learners encounter realistic scenarios and problems. They practice alone and in teams, learning to make decisions, to communicate effectively, and to recover safely from errors. As a hosted application, accessed over the Internet, the Virtual Sim Center is a cost-effective and scalable addition to all simulator training.

Lippincott DocuCare

By integrating clinical scenarios with web-based EHR simulation software, Lippincott’s DocuCare teaches your students to think critically about documentation while enabling you to measure their progress. Our non-linear EHR solution works well in the classroom, simulation lab, and clinical practice. With Lippincott’s DocuCare, you can easily integrate an EHR into your curriculum and prepare students for real-world practice.

Detailed program now available! Over 65 presentations, demos, workshops!

Next Keystones Apex comprehensive course: Nov 26-30, Oshawa, ON

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