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Engage with Canada’s simulation community as we expand our national network and the use of simulation in the education and care delivery sectors!
Associate your brand with the evolution of simulation in Canada, plus access exclusive services and benefits!

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Simulation Canada is our national, interprofessional, intersectoral simulation network. Building upon the established successes, events and services of SIM-one and CNSH, our network supports the advancement and sustainability of simulation in Canada, and expand the use, scope and quality of simulation nationally.

Since 2010, we have reached incredible milestones to advance and support simulation: secured government investments in simulation, built relationships with key stakeholders (accrediting bodies, professional associations, quality/safety institutions, government, and more), created a community of passionate simulationists, established the nationally-recognized Keystones Certificate in Healthcare Simulation, hosted Canada’s premier annual simulation conferences, and launched unique global online resource to support simulationists and foster collaboration.


We are honoured to have these leading companies as our Industry Collaborators.





Industry is an important and collaborative part of the simulation community in Canada. The Industry Collaborator program brings mutual benefit: companies officially join the network to help support our evolution, while advancing their brand recognition and customer engagement as we expand the simulation ecosystem.

Advocacy: Power our advocacy to government and national- and provincial-level stakeholders for investment in simulation to advance education, patient safety and quality improvement. Our work in the past decade has resulted in multiple millions of dollars invested into simulation.

Relationships: Strengthen your relationships within the simulation community by connecting your business with other members for innovation and collaboration. We become your point of contact to connect with targeted members across our network.

Business intelligence: We have our finger on the pulse of the simulation ecosystem across multiple sectors: colleges, universities, hospitals, government. Receive business intelligence based on our community and our equipment inventory database.

Brand recognition and association: Raise awareness of your mission, brand, products and services throughout the simulation community across Canada and beyond. Align your brand with the leading edge of reforming education, patient safety and care quality in Canada.

Discounts: Priority access to and discounts on Simulation Canada’s events, advertising, company directories, and more.


Any company wanting to be part of the simulation community in Canada and beyond can join.


Want to know more or to suggest benefits that would be most valuable to you? Please contact our CEO, Tim Willett, to discuss. We would appreciate your input!

  Full Industry Collaborator Associate Industry Collaborator
Discounts: Save on exhibiting and sponsorship Savings on an exhibitor booth at SIM Expo and other major events, and discounts on upgrading to event sponsorship. Details below.
Advice & networking: Call us any time for assistance connecting with potential academic or industry partners in the simulation community for product development/testing, distribution, or any other need.
Research collaborations: Connect with researchers to validate your products, collect impact evidence, and advance simulation knowledge. We can help create connections and advise on the terms of collaboration.
Partnership opportunities: Partner to offer unique events, courses, workshops or webinars Opportunities available, discounted rate (see below) Opportunities available
Business intelligence: Insights into equipment inventory data summaries, community needs, and demographics Free 50% discount
Advisory: Connect with us to advise on our strategic directions Biannual call Meeting at SIM Expo
Information and resources: Individual “SIMadvocate” memberships (includes full website access & members-only newsletter) Free for 5 staff; 20% discount on additional Free for 2 staff; 20% discount on additional
Recognition: Your linked logo On homepage and Industry Collaborator page On Industry Collaborator page
Advertising: Advertisement on page (specific page subject to availability) 2 months free; 50% discount on additional 1 month free
Promotions: Send a newsletter to our ‘vendor announcements’ subscribers 2/year 1/year
Promotions: Post on Simulation Canada website Industry News 6/year 2/year
Directories: Promotion on Simulation Canada’s Company and Product directories Priority listing Premium listing
Sales: List used and demo equipment for sale on SIM MarketplaceTM Yes -
Highlight your commitment Place our logo on your website as a symbol of your commitment to advancing and supporting the simulation community



Benefit Full Industry Collaborator Associate Industry Collaborator
  Discount Example savings Discount Example savings
Free “SIMadvocate” membership for staff (includes full website access) 100% 5 free = $475 100% 2 free = $190
Additional SIMadvocates 20%   20%  
Expo exhibitor booth 30% Savings on booth fee = $750 15% Savings on booth fee = $375
Expo upgrade to sponsor 10% Upgrade to gold sponsor = $550 -  
Other major event exhibitor 30% Savings on booth fee = $300 15% Savings on booth fee = $150
Other major event upgrade to sponsor 10% Upgrade to sponsor = $400 -  
Web advertising  100% 2 months = $1000 100% 1 month = $500
Partnered course 20% Partner on 1 course = $200 -  
Business intelligence 100% Free report = $1,000 50% Savings on report = $500
Total savings:   $4,675   $1,715


Full industry collaborator: $5,000/year (+HST)
Associate industry collaborator: $2,000/year (+HST)

Join to help advance patient safety & care quality

"We believe working with partners is the best way to achieve our mission. From the beginning, Laerdal has worked with doctors, nurses, educators, researchers and leading industry organizations. Mutual respect and shared values have been the foundation of these relationships, but the key to long-term success has been the complementary nature of our missions. Simulation Canada’s main objective of advancing quality of healthcare and education across Canada is in precise alignment with Laerdal’s longstanding vision of helping save lives - together."

- Laerdal Canada

"Spectrum Nasco is proud to participate in the Simulation Canada Industry Collaborator Program.  The program allows us to better connect with the passionate community of experts who advocate for advances in healthcare simulation. The ultimate goal is to help save lives through patient safety, beginning with the learning environment. See you at SIM Expo!"

- Nasco Healthcare

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