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Simulation is a positive and transformational force in healthcare, and Canadians are world leaders. Membership in Simulation Canada will help you advance your work and career, connect you to other enthusiastic and collaborative simulationists, and allow you to contribute to improving simulation on a local and national scale.

Simulation Canada receives no operational funding from government or grants. We rely on the support of our members to maintain the organization and continue our work to support each other while advocating for recognition of and investments in simulation.

Full Member Benefits & Value

Simulation Canada is a community of passionate, collaborative educators, researchers, leaders and technicians.

CONNECTIONS. Link to a Canadian network of world-leading experts and passionate peers. Between organizations and individuals we have over 300 members, and through our e-newsletter, website and social media we connect to over 2,000 simulationists! It is impressive how truly open, collaborative and supportive this community is. We become your point of contact for any simulation ideas or questions.

RESOURCES. Access advice, tips, tools, scenarios, equipment and our chat platform. Everything we offer is generously contributed by members and freely available to other members. And if you can't find something you're looking for, contact us and we will help find someone with the knowledge or resource you need. Plus, join our SIM Chat platform to instantly post messages to other community members.

ENGAGEMENT. Simulation Canada is a recognized, credible stakeholder in Canadian healthcare. Contribute your expertise to support other members, advance initiatives, and build Canada’s network. Join our advocacy efforts to ultimately impact students and patients nation-wide!

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Learn from courses, events, webinars and our community to advance your own simulation practice. Whether your focus is on education, research, sim centre management, technology or innovation, we can help you grow in your professional role.

SCHOLARSHIP. Forge research collaborations, get help with funding applications and disseminate your work. We frequently connect people to build R&D partnerships and mentorships. For grant applications, we provide advice on framing submissions, can contribute a letter of support, and can act as an integrated knowledge translation partner to increase your chance of success. Once your work is complete we can help with dissemination of knowledge and resources through our events, courses, website and communications.

DISCOUNTS. Priority access to and discounts on our events, courses, certificate programs and more. Plus save on memberships to other societies, including the Society for Simulation in Healthcare and SimGHOSTS.

Note: Our membership program is primarily based on having organizations join. If you would like to see your organization become a member, contact us for advice and resources to encourage your leadership!
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Simulationists – educators, managers, technicians, leaders and researchers – from any profession can join, participate in, and benefit from our community and services. Although our focus is Canada, membership is open to anyone globally.

Specific Discounts

Benefit Discount Example savings
SIM Expo registration 20% 1 registration = $88*
Forum or other major event registration 10% 1 registration = $15
Courses & workshops 10% Take 1 course = $100
Simulationist certificate programs 10% Complete certificate = $50
SSH membership discount US$25 Membership discount = $32
SimGHOSTS membership discount 10% Membership discount = $10
Webinar registration & archive 100% 4 webinars = $120
Peer review of 1 SIM Scenario Exchange contribution 100% 1 submission = $100
Total savings:   $515

*Discounts vary depending on ticket option selected (early bird, full 2-day, 1-day, etc.)


Standard rate: $95/year (+HST)

Student rate**: $25/year (+HST)

Fee discount: Members of SimGHOSTS receive 10% off the membership fee with Simulation Canada. Contact us for the discount code.

**To be eligible for the student rate you must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or certificate/diploma program.

It's good to be part of the network!

What is our community saying about the value of participating?

"Membership in Simulation Canada is a vital step in moving the simulation agenda forward in Canada. Much can be accomplished through collaboration across the country."
- Sandra Goldsworthy, ON
"If we believe we can do it, then we can. Together, we are better!"
«Tous ensemble - vouloir, c'est pouvoir !»
- Colette Foisy-Doll, AB
"I value Simulation Canada for empowering me to design and implement high-quality simulations geared for nursing and interprofessional students; moreover, the inspirational members who have further shaped my thinking about simulation pedagogy."
- Celina Da Silva, ON
« J’apprécie particulièrement la représentativité et l’ouverture à différentes réalités au sein de la communauté de Simulation Canada. Peu importe notre rôle, niveau d’expertise, profession ou contexte géographique, l’esprit de collaboration est bien présent. »
- Louise-Andrée Brien, QC
“As I proud member, I am excited that from coast to coast to coast we have a community of practice that is advancing simulation excellence. The patients, health and care teams and academic partners that we collaborate with all stand to benefit from our national organization. On a personal level, membership has provided me with many high-calibre networking opportunities.”
- Darin Abbey, BC
"I feel that Simulation Canada fosters connections, community and excellence in the practice of simulation-based education. I appreciate that Simulation Canada welcomes us, inspires us and challenges us to be mindful, intentional and reflective as active designers and facilitators for simulation-based learning."
- Karl Weiss, ON
"What I value most: Sharing, networking, exploring with like-minded interprofessional colleagues passionate about person-centered care working to enhance simulation education, research, and practice - improving health across Canada. Join us!"
- Suzanne Campbell, BC
“I was left feeling renewed and inspired to go back to work and integrate more simulation into our curriculum and continue with my sim research.”
- SIM Expo participant
"Go, it’s a great place to make new connections. Everyone likes to share their resources!"
- SIM Expo participant