Run or take a SIM-one course anywhere across the world!

Continuing education. Long-lasting relationships. Communities of learning. This is what SIM-one’s education division is all about. Now, we’re taking it one step further to make your learning experience as accessible and cost-effective as possible – the SIM-one Global Learning Solutions.

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SIM-one's Global Learning Solutions is a new, exciting education initiative comprised of two streams:

Stream #1 – Run your own SIM-one course

Faculty training for experienced simulationists to run SIM-one courses in any setting. This stream aims to create a unified best practices approach to simulation activities throughout all healthcare professional training and continuing education - through enhanced sharing and collaboration - to provide maximum impact on improving patient care.

Our packages are cost-effective and customizable for your needs. Please contact us to discuss the best option that works for you. For complete details, visit the link below. 

For details and pricing, please contact

Stream #2 – Virtual SIM-one

Workshops, events, and courses in a single e-space allow learners to customize what they wish to engage in, and participate no matter where they are located. Each course is facilitated by SIM-one experts and experienced faculty members.

Stay tuned for upcoming course announcements. All are listed on our Upcoming Courses page.

Why choose us?

We encourage you to share this new initiative with your networks. Here are some benefits of learning with us:

  • Compared to similar organizations, SIM-one has a more robust and rich educational offering, with longitudinal design and community mentorship aspects.
  • Affordable and less expensive events and courses, with a cost recovery model.
  • A flexible mindset to develop courses in collaboration with our community to meet individual needs.
  • Continued learning for healthcare faculty, educators, and trainers & enhancement of programs and institutions as result of healthcare faculty training.

If you are interested in getting involved with us, please contact Nicole Fung at