Simulation Research: Best Practices for Planning a Research Study (Online Interactive Course)

Simulation Research: Best Practices for Planning a Research Study (Online Interactive Course)

Simulation Research is an online interactive course, offered through SIM-one's Global Learning Solutions. It is facilitated and led by leading simulation and healthcare education researchers from a range of backgrounds. Facilitators will coach course participants through the process of building a research study based on their research question or interest. They will provide guidance on practical issues such as method planning, grant applications, knowledge mobilization planning, and team building. 

PLEASE NOTE: In order to participate in this course, we request that you 1) Come prepared with a speficic research question you wish to investigate and have completed a preliminary literature review related to the question; or 2) Have completed Simulation Research: Primer (Online Interactive Course).

Learning outcomes & benefits

You will learn:

  • Tips & tools for building research questions into concrete research study plans
  • Guidance on developing a research study, including creating a study design (qualitative & quantitative methods planning)
  • Choosing and validating the right measurement tools
  • Knowledge mobilization planning
  • Guidance on applying for simulation research grant proposal(s)
  • How to build a strong research team

You will also become familiar with the core concepts for planning a research study, including:

  • Steps to investigate a simulation research question
  • Creating and critiquing a research study method/protocol
  • Documenting a research study protocol and knowledge mobilization plan
  • Identifying human and physical resources necessary to complete a research study
  • Drafting a grant application


We have pulled together a world-class group of simulation research leaders from across Canada, representing multiple professions and disciplines, to facilitate this course:

Kristen Jones-Bonofiglio, Lakehead University
Marian Luctkar-Flude, Queen's University
Adam Dubrowski, Memorial University
Lawrence Grierson, McMaster University
Stella Ng, University of Toronto
Tim Willett, SIM-one


This eight-week course is flipped online learning. Each week includes a video-recorded lecture, readings, a breif assignment, and an interactive live webinar with expert researchers for review & questions. High-speed internet connection required. VoIP headset or computer microphone recommended. Digital access to academic articles recommended.

Course schedule:
All webinars are from 4pm to 5pm ET