Simulation Research: Best Practices for Planning a Research Study (Online Interactive Course)

Simulation Research: Best Practices for Planning a Research Study (Online Interactive Course)

Simulation Research is an online interactive course, offered through Simulation Canada's Global Learning Solutions. It is facilitated and led by leading simulation and healthcare education researchers from a range of backgrounds. Facilitators will coach course participants through the process of building a research study based on their research question or interest. They will provide guidance on practical issues such as method planning, grant applications, knowledge mobilization planning, and team building. 

PLEASE NOTE: In order to participate in this course, we request that you 1) Come prepared with a speficic research question you wish to investigate and have completed a preliminary literature review related to the question; or 2) Have completed Simulation Research: Primer (Online Interactive Course).

Learning outcomes & benefits

You will learn:

  • Tips & tools for building research questions into concrete research study plans
  • Guidance on developing a research study, including creating a study design (qualitative & quantitative methods planning)
  • Choosing and validating the right measurement tools
  • Knowledge mobilization planning
  • Guidance on applying for simulation research grant proposal(s)
  • How to build a strong research team

You will also become familiar with the core concepts for planning a research study, including:

  • Steps to investigate a simulation research question
  • Creating and critiquing a research study method/protocol
  • Documenting a research study protocol and knowledge mobilization plan
  • Identifying human and physical resources necessary to complete a research study
  • Drafting a grant application


We have pulled together a world-class group of simulation research leaders from across Canada, representing multiple professions and disciplines, to facilitate this course:

Kristen Jones-Bonofiglio, Lakehead University
Marian Luctkar-Flude, Queen's University
Adam Dubrowski, Memorial University
Lawrence Grierson, McMaster University
Stella Ng, University of Toronto
Tim Willett, Simulation Canada


This eight-week course is flipped online learning. Each week includes a video-recorded lecture, readings, a breif assignment, and an interactive live webinar with expert researchers for review & questions. High-speed internet connection required. VoIP headset or computer microphone recommended. Digital access to academic articles recommended.

Course schedule:
All webinars are from 4pm to 5pm ET