Role-Players Theatre: Techniques for High-Impact Simulations

Role-Players Theatre: Techniques for High-Impact Simulations

Get ready to embrace your inner performer! With Simulation Canada’s Role-Players Theatre: Techniques for High-Impact Simulations, participants will develop an improved understanding of, attitudes, and skills for role-playing to create the most realistic simulations.

Role-Players Theatre can be used to obtain Simulation Canada's Keystones of Healthcare Simulation and Mastering the Artistic Side of Clinical Simulation (MASCS) program certificates.

Who will benefit?

Educators, simulationists, and all individuals interested in learning about the use of role-playing and creative learning techniques in simulation-based education.

What will I learn?

Participants will learn the techniques for enhancing clinical teaching, how to create effective roles to align with their scenario objectives, and develop local resources for creating a standardized patient program.

Learning outcomes & benefits

  • Role-play fundamentals: Learn essential role-playing terminology for healthcare simulations.
  • Role development: Create authentic characters and roles.
  • Embrace performance: Through an understanding of role expectations, emotional awareness, and regulation skills.
  • Actors & standardized patients: What’s the difference?
  • Performance anxiety blasters: Have stage fright? Discover great tips and techniques to deal with performance anxiety.
  • Role-playing for different contexts: Not all simulations go as scripted. Become prepared to improvise and tweak roles when necessary.