MicroCourse: Sim by Webconference - Facilitating Virtually

MicroCourse: Sim by Webconference - Facilitating Virtually

This course is now available asynchronously at any time and at your own pace!
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There is rapidly growing expertise and experience among Canadian simulation leaders to enable synchronous simulation-based learning over webconference. Responding to urgent needs to make simulations accessible at a distance, this 6-hour online micro-course will address practical considerations for planning, facilitating and debriefing simulations by webconference.

With clinical placement opportunities limited by the pandemic, many schools are emphasizing simulation opportunities for learners to gain essential skills and experiences. This includes virtually-facilitated simulation using webconference or videoconference platforms, virtual patient simulations, and other approaches. Facilitating a real-time simulation by webconference poses unique opportunities and challenges, so the planning, briefing, facilitation and debriefing must be adapted accordingly. In thi micro-course, leaders from across Canada share their practical advice for optimizing the success and educational value of simulations run this way.

This course is part of our new online micro-course series for educators entering simulation or adapting their approaches in response to the pandemic.

Learning Goals

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. List considerations for planning simulations to be conducted over web conference platforms;
  2. Plan a strategy for briefing learners and increasing psychological safety for all;
  3. Adapt debriefing techniques for the webconference context;
  4. Summarize creative, low-budget approaches to increase engagement and interactivity;
  5. Summarize additional considerations for simulations involving standardized patients or other role players.


  • Logistical and technological considerations when planning sims by webconference
  • Briefing and creating psychological safety
  • Facilitation
  • Keeping learners engaged
  • Interactive activities
  • Debriefing
  • Recruiting, training and modifying scenarios for work with SPs


Module 1: Planning, Preparation & Technology

3 hours: Mini-lectures + online learning resources + recorded Q&A session

What is Virtual Simulation? Different Technologies and Models
Timothy Willett, MD MMEd
President & CEO
Simulation Canada

Pivoting to Our New Virtual Normal: Competencies and Logistics of Simulation at a Distance
Jordan Holmes, MA MRT(N) CHSE
Senior Manager, Centre for Learning, Innovation and Simulation
The Michener Institute of Education at UHN

Engaging SPs Virtually - Recruitment, Scenario Modification and Training
Cathy Smith, PhD CHSE
Simulation Consultant
Baycrest Health Sciences

Module 2: Briefing, Facilitation & Debriefing Virtually

3 hours: Mini-lectures + online learning resources + recorded Q&A session

Laying the Foundation for Virtual Simulations: Briefing & Psychological Safety
Nicole Harder, RN PhD CHSE CCSNE
Assistant Professor, College of Nursing
Mindermar Professor in Human Simulation, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Manitoba

Innovative Debriefing at a Distance: Keeping your Remote Audience Engaged

Eva Peisachovich, RN PhD  
Associate Professor  
Faculty of Health, School of Nursing, York University  

Monika Johnson, RN BScN PNC(C)
Simulation Consultant
eSIM Simulation Program, Alberta Health Services

Annamaria Mundell, RN BN
Simulation Consultant
eSIM Simulation Program, Alberta Health Services

Nadine Terpstra, RN, BScN, MEdHSE
Simulation Consultant
eSIM Simulation Program, Alberta Health Services

Creating an open access solution to collaborative distance simulation education: The Virtual Resus Room

Sarah Foohey, MD CCFP-EM
Emergency Medicine Physician, Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga
Lecturer, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto

Course Completion

Upon completion of this MicroCourse, participants will receive:

  • e-certificate of completion
  • New! Micro-course digital badge.  Digital badges demonstrate your achievement of course completion, displayed on your SIMCanada LMS profile and linkable to your personal social networking profile.