MicroCourse: Practical Fundamentals

MicroCourse: Practical Fundamentals

This course is now available asynchronously at any time and at your own pace!
Course Fee: $150 + tax (member and multi-course discounts available)



Just in time, this 4-hour online micro-course will focus on the essential and practical foundations of simulation for educators undertaking simulation-based teaching. During two recorded online lectures, we will engage attendees in topics related to fundamentals of healthcare simulation. This course will include a review of key concepts and educational theories, and approach to planning and preparing for your simulations. 

With clinical placement opportunities limited by the pandemic, many schools are emphasizing simulation opportunities for learners to gain essential skills and experiences. For educators who have limited prior experience or training in simulation-based education, this course provides an overview of simulation approaches, options, and techniques, and their pedagogical foundations.

This course is part of our new micro-course series for educators entering simulation or adapting their approaches in response to the pandemic.

Learning Goals

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the educational theories, models and concepts that underpin simulation-based health
    professions education.
  2. Select the modality that would be the most appropriate choice for the simulation scenario being planned.
  3. Plan and troubleshoot simulation activities.


Module 1: Key Concepts of Simulation

2 hours recorded lecture session + online learning resources
Facilitator: Amy Nakajima, MD FRCSC


  1. Review key concepts and simulation phases.  
  2. Discuss participant safety.
  3. Discuss planning and implementation of simulation activities. 

Module 2: Planning and Preparing for Your Simulation

2 hours recorded lecture session + online learning resources
Facilitator: Amy Nakajima, MD FRCSC


  1. Review activities included in the preparation phase. 
  2. Review how to design a simulation.
  3. Discuss approaches to minimize the occurrence of unexpected events and how to manage them.

Course Completion

Upon completion of this MicroCourse, participants will receive:

  • e-certificate of completion
  • New! Micro-course digital badge.  Digital badges demonstrate your achievement of course completion, displayed on your SIMCanada LMS profile and linkable to your personal social networking profile.