e-Xplorers of Simulation

e-Xplorers of Simulation

Ready to e-xplore? e-Xplorers of Simulation is an intensive introduction to using e-simulation and e-blended learning for enhancing clinical teaching and healthcare education.

Who will benefit?

Educators, simulationists, and all individuals interested in learning about the use of e-simulation and e-blended learning for enhanced teaching practice. 

What will I learn?

Participants will develop an improved understanding of, attitudes, and skills for using e-simulation and e-blended learning techniques for enhanced clinical teaching and education.

Learning outcomes & benefits

  • e-Simulation 101: Learn the essential elements of e-simulation and e-blended learning.
  • “Rosetta Stone”: Learn another language! Or, the lingo behind e-simulation.
  • Cybernaut projects: Explore virtual environments through online projects, synchronous meeting places, and other cyber forums. You will also create a virtual case, journey through Second Life, complete MindSight, and much more.
  • The e-Simulationist: Become an e-Expert. Design virtual project plans (including storyboards, templates, and content) and learn how to manage the costs of an e-learning project. 

Important information

  • Mandatory attendance: Monday, February 29 (10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. EST) & Tuesday, March 29 (noon to 1:30 p.m. EST)
  • Optional attendance: Tuesday, March 8 (noon to 1 p.m. EST) & Monday, March 21 (noon to 1 p.m. EST)