Keystones Certificate Program

Keystones Certificate Program

The Keystones of Healthcare Simulation is a certificate program designed for learners who are interested in a more immersive experience in healthcare simulation. This program supports participants in developing their careers as simulationists, in roles such as educators, leaders, scholars and faculty developers. The Keystones experience is grounded in networking and collaboration. Connections made within this program will be nurtured to further develop practice within the simulation community.

Like all of SIM-one’s educational offerings, The Keystones of Healthcare Simulation is an all inclusive program, meant for all healthcare professionals as well individuals interested in simulation. Upon completion of this program, Keystones participants should be able to:

  • Describe several simulation methods for teaching in a variety of contexts
  • Describe some of the theoretical bases for simulation
  • Demonstrate newly acquired knowledge, skills and attitude in the use of simulation
  • Demonstrate enhanced facilitation skills for the conducting of simulations
  • Acquire a positive attitude towards implementing and initiating change and incorporation of interactive and experiential simulation techniques into their teaching
  • Identify the ways in which simulation can be used for academic scholarship
  • Describe a strategy for implementation of their own career development plan

Accreditation: Courses within this program are in the process of being accredited.

"The Keystones is a program that helped me put perspectives and knowledge together to make a very challenging learning environment a very rewarding and successful means to an end. I would highly recommend this program as it is very comprehensive and 'hands on' in its approach. The people that run this program have all the knowledge, direction and passion to help every health professional (regardless of which field) succeed in their own institutions."

Dr. Dominic Giuliano
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC)

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Program registration

To register for the Keystones of Healthcare Simulation certificate program, please fill out the below form. When finished, please attach your most recent CV and send the combined package to You can also reach us at (416) 506-1433 ext. 202.

Program requirements

To obtain this unique certificate, participants are required to complete three of the applicable SIM-one courses: “The Essentials of Simulation”, “The Frame of Simulation”, “Simulation Centre Wizardry”, “The e-Xplorers of Simulation”, "Synergies" and/or "Simulation Research Primer". This can occur over two academic years.

In addition to these courses, participants must also complete the following:

  • Simulation Project - The goal of this scholarly project is to take what was learned from the program and use it for the practical development of the learner’s goals.
  • Simulation Rounds - Participants will have to present at the Rounds on their scholarly projects.
  • Reflection Papers - Participants must submit reflection papers about their experience in the Keystones program.

In addition to the above, participants will be offered leadership opportunities as adjunct faculty, and in SIM-one's online communities of practice.

Program costs

The cost of the Keystones certificate is $500.00, which you will be asked to pay upon being accepted into the program. This is to cover the extra administration and activities costs involved with the program. This fee does not include the cost of courses.

Intended participants

The Keystones is an interprofessional program. Individuals with clinical, educational, administrative, research and creative backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


There is currently no faculty information for this program.

Does SIM-one recognize external training/experiences as credit towards certification?

Yes. Candidates can request SIM-one to review learning and experience outside of the SIM-one offerings that can be considered as credit towards certificate programs. This gives learners the opportunity to be examined in, and receive credit for, a recognized SIM-one course, without meeting the normal requirements of enrollment, attendance, and instruction.

A successful Course Credit is recorded on the candidate’s record.

The SIM-one team will examine each request individually.

Not all courses are available for consideration. The external courses/training presented to SIM-one will be considered but are not guaranteed to be acceptable as suitable for certain offerings.

One course may be granted towards a certificate program. The other requirements for a certificate will still be required for completion of the program (e.g. papers, presentations, projects).

Please contact for further information.

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