Core Programs


SIM-one provides valuable services to the simulation community, including education and training, research grants, the SIM-one Provincial Equipment Coordination Service (SPECS), and popular events like the annual Ontario Simulation Exposition.


SIM-one offers an array of unique courses, designed for all healthcare professionals who are interested in learning more about the simulation field. SIM-one is the “first mover” in accredited simulation education products and services for the simulation community in Canada and internationally through its Keystones Certificate Program. More

Research & Development

SIM-one enables and supports research, development and innovation in the field of simulation for health professions education and health system improvement. We offer a number of services including R&D grants, training, mentorship, commercialization support and more. More 


SIM-one draws upon its network of simulation experts and experienced educators to offer world-class consulting services in a variety of areas, such as custom education and training, and simulation centre support. More

Community Services

An inclusive network of networks, SIM-one provides its community with networking and collaboration opportunities as well as regular news and updates through its website and e-newsletter, “Simulation in the News”. More


The SIM-one Provincial Equipment Coordination Service (SPECS) is a province-wide simulation equipment coordination service. This Service will help develop a strategic equipment management plan for Ontario’s investments in simulation. More

SIM Expo

As Canada’s largest healthcare simulation event, SIM-one’s annual Ontario Simulation Exposition celebrates the creativity, dedication and accomplishments of Ontario’s healthcare simulation community. More

Partnership Opportunities

SIM-one works with its partners to further support patient care and patient safety, the development and commercialization of simulation technologies, quality improvement in education and training, knowledge translation, and much more. More