CIPD Grant 2015

Simulation-Based Continuing Interprofessional Development Program in At-Home Care of Seniors


This grant was awarded to Nicole Woods from Women's College Hospital and colleagues from several other organizations to develop the CACE Homecare Curriculum.

Details of the funded project.

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Grant Information

In 2015, a single prize of $99,500 was available to support a collaborative of seniors care experts and simulation educators in Ontario to develop, pilot-test and refine a simulation-based program on the at-home care of seniors. Funding for this program was provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Program Goals

Healthcare in Ontario is shifting towards a model of interprofessional team- and community-based care. As the population of Ontario ages, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) is prioritizing efforts to assist older adults to remain at home for as long as possible, receiving supports and health care in the community, including in their homes.

Interprofessional at-home care provision poses a number of unique challenges for health care providers. These were articulated in a series of needs assessments commissioned by the MOHLTC and Council of Ontario Universities and further delineated in a series of needs assessment published by SIM-one. See below for links to needs assessment reports.

The goal of this funding program was to respond to priority learning needs via the development, piloting and refinement of a simulation-based Continuing Interprofessional Development (CIPD) Program that:

  • Addresses priority learning needs of health professionals providing interprofessional team-based care to older adults in the home and community setting;
  • Integrates simulation activities with other learning methods to maximize educational effectiveness; and
  • Is relevant to the multiple healthcare professions involved in such care and to the various home care delivery models used in Ontario.

Needs Assessments

A number of needs assessments and reports have informed the development of this call for proposals and the evaluation criteria.

  1. The primary report on which this call is based is a Meta-Summary Report of multiple needs assessments compiled and published by SIM-one. This summary report was informed by two other series of needs assessments:
  2. A series of needs assessments commissioned by SIM-one and funded by the MOHLTC exploring the perceived learning needs, challenges/barriers to care, and education logistical issues for multiple health professions in different regions of Ontario.
  3. A series of needs assessments commissioned by the MOHLTC and Council of Ontario Universities examining various issues related to at-home and community-based care of the elderly.

Questions or Comments

Please contact us with any questions or comments about this grant program. Contact Dr. Tim Willett, Director of R&D, via [email protected].


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