Contribute to SimEd!

Fri, 2015-12-04 14:26 -- ababakhanova

What can you contribute to SimEd?

Based in Australia, SimEd aims to provide high-quality resources for clinicians, educators, students, technicians and simulated patients who are engaged in simulation-based education and training.


  • Reviews of equipment/apps/technology 
  • Moulage (tips, how to guides and photo examples)
  • How to align learning objectives with simulation 
  • Scenarios/scenario writing 
  • Tips on running simulation (brief, the actual SIM, and the debrief) 
  • Content regarding the student’s learning experience and getting the most out of simulation (e.g. overcoming nervousness)
  • Common mistakes in simulation 
  • Working/training/briefing/debriefing with simulated patients 
  • Interprofessional learning 
  • Reviews of books, journal articles, conferences, workshops, and more
  • Promote upcoming educational or networking events 
  • Virtual patient concepts/models 
  • Anything else relevant to simulated learning!

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