Wanted! PSW Community Manager

Wanted! PSW Community Manager
May 30, 2013

SIM-one—Ontario Simulation Network—is seeking a volunteer Community Manager to manage its Personal Support Worker (PSW) & Simulation Community of Practice (CoP) group on the SIM-one website.

SIM-one’s online CoPs are an interactive space where like-minded individuals form groups for the benefit of simulation collaboration and knowledge transfer.

This volunteer position is a great opportunity for any PSW professional looking to network and build connections, and enhance their simulation experience.

The responsibilities of the PSW & Simulation Community Manager include:

  • Managing content on the CoP (posting group announcements, starting discussion threads, etc.)
  • Managing group users (inviting new users, managing roles, etc.)

Note that the Community Manager will receive one hour of training on how to use the CoP from SIM-one prior to starting.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Manager, please contact John Gilson at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.