Spectrum Nasco will feature AI and interactive virtual patient

Spectrum Nasco will feature AI and interactive virtual patient
May 31, 2019

Spectrum Nasco will feature AI and interactive virtual patient at the National Forum on Simulation for Quality & Safety
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With Siri-like speech recognition and response, ALEX understands and responds to clinical interview questions. Questions we teach our healthcare learners to practice in simulation, “How long has that been going on?", "Are you allergic to any medications?", "Does heart disease run in your family?”.

ALEX can also ask questions we encourage patients to ask healthcare providers. Questions like: "What are the different treatment options?", "What outcome should I expect?".

ALEX is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Arabic with both male and female voice synthesis. View and debrief with a patient point-of-view experience with ALEX’s HD camera streaming live or recorded video from his right eye. Listen to ALEX’s heart, lung and bowel sounds in unprecedented quality.

ALEX is the first cloud connected simulator: operate ALEX from anywhere. Login from any internet-connected device and review sessions anytime. No instructor workstations, no additional licenses, no downloads, and no plugins. Using ALEX is easy, a streamlined experience from unboxing and setup to creating your own patient scenarios.

Seeing is believing https://vimeo.com/210311030!



Body Interact is an interactive digital simulator for practice of diagnosing patients using problem-solving and clinical reasoning.

3-D virtual interactive patients present with visible signs and symptoms like pain, decreased consciousness, cyanosis, or chest movements.

Enter into dynamic dialogues with the virtual patient. Allows monitoring of vital parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and SpO2 in real time. Perform an initial assessment of the patient, order lab tests, perform an ECG and imaging. Perform interventions and choose from a complete selection of drugs and fluids based on the patients needs.

Scenarios address basic, intermediate and advanced clinical skills for Medicine, Nursing and EMS.

For a short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v16fdyZw5nw.


Meet ALEX, the communication-enabled manikin powered by AI.
We are excited to present Body Interact, the virtual patient for clinical problem-solving - available on a large collaborative touchscreen table or on your own computer!


Contact [email protected] to arrange an onsite demo of ALEX and Body Interact.

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