Simulation by Design competition

Simulation by Design competition
July 18, 2016

Memorial University of Newfoundland's Cureus Archives of Scholarship in Simulation and Educational Techniques (ASSET), in partnership with SIM-one is launching an inaugural Simulation by Design Competition.

Focusing on teaching and learning through simulation

Do you use simulation and related educational technologies? We're inviting health professionals to submit novel simulation scenarios in the form of a Cureus Technical Report. You can see examples of these reports that are already published on our channel. For more information about Cureus Archives of Scholarship in Simulation and Educational Techniques and to see examples of reports, visit

Peer-review and publishing opportunities

This competition is designed to promote the development of an online repository of simulation cases that can be freely shared across professions and geographical locations. All Technical Reports as part of this competition will be subjected to the same peer-review and publishing process as standard submissions, and therefore will be indexed in PubMed Central and distributed around the globe. We encourage you to contribute!

The results of this competition will be based on the SIQ scores assigned by the community of simulation specialists, educators, and scholars. Therefore, we are not only encouraging you to submit, but also to read other Technical Reports submitted and rate them.

Deadline and voting
The submission deadline is December 15, 2016. Based on our experience with the peer-review process, it will take approximately 2 months to have the final papers accepted and published. Therefore, the voting will be open as of the end of January and the final day to vote for your favourite Technical Report will be March 20, 2017.

Competition entries

Entries will appear on our channel as they are published. Keep checking back for published articles! Links to the reports will also be posted to SIM-one's SIM Scenario Exchange!


Teams may be uni- or multi-professional. However, in order to promote the development of new scholars, all teams must include at least one trainee (defined as undergraduate or post-graduate student enrolled in an academic institution such as a university or college).

Competition entry and article submission is entirely free. All submitted work must be previously unpublished.

All Technical Reports must be submitted and formatted via the template-driven, self-publishing Cureus platform. Authors are encouraged to include supporting animations and videos within their submissions. For additional information on publishing with Cureus, please refer to our Author Guide. We encourage creativity and innovation.


  • Make an account on Be sure to tick off member of our channel.
  • In your dashboard, select "New Draft", and from the pull down menu, select "Technical Report".
  • In Categories, select "Medical Simulation" and "Medical Education".
  • In Channels, select "Archives for Scholarship in Simulation and Educational Techniques".
  • Consult the Author Guide for details.

Other requirements

  • All clinical studies must be compliant with applicable regulatory, ethics / IRB, and other rules governing the protection of human subjects.
  • All non-clinical studies must be compliant with applicable AAUC, AAALAC, and other related regulations.
  • This competition is not intended to promote or otherwise encourage unapproved, uncleared use of products, or any product for unapproved new use.
  • This program in no way promotes or purports to encourage any research that is not in compliance with any local, federal, or other applicable governing laws.


Best Technical Report wins $1000 and the student/trainee involved in the team will receive free registration to the 2017 SIM Expo.