"Simulation in Action" to be featured at SIM Expo

"Simulation in Action" to be featured at SIM Expo
June 19, 2013

“Simulation in Action” (or "SiA") is a form of interactive presentation that gives participants a taste of the diverse methods and modalities of healthcare simulation. The SiAs will be highlighted at the 2013 Ontario Simulation Exposition, which takes place December 5-6, 2013 in Toronto.

This 90-minute event will enable participants to rotate through six 12-minutes simulation demonstrations with 3-minute transitions in between. Presentations may range from e-simulations, virtual world demonstrations, moulage, team crises, hybrids or any other form of simulation.

Click here for more information on Simulation in Action, including presenter's submission form and requirements. Interested participants can also contact Edith Branco at [email protected].

About SIM-one

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