New R&D services and supports

New R&D services and supports
May 24, 2013

SIM-one is supporting researchers, developers and innovators in the simulation community with our new R&D offerings. These new offerings reflect feedback from the SIM-one community. For further information and links to these resources, see

If you’re a researcher and are interested in simulation, please check out these valuable services:

Find a Collaborator:

Available on the SIM-one website, this enabler brings together simulationists who want to work together on collaborative projects. Researchers can search for other simulationists with similar interests and/or complementary skills.

Academic Articles:

Stay up-to-date without tracking dozens of journals! SIM-one actively monitors the world of simulation literature for new, relevant articles. Links to these sim-related articles are regularly posted on the SIM-one website. Users can also subscribe to our RSS feed.

Journals List:

The SIM-one website contains a list of academic and professional journals that publish simulation-related articles, with links to the journals.

External Grants List:

This is an up-to-date list of external grants applicable to simulation research and development. Browse for grants that have upcoming deadlines or that accept applications at any time.

COMING SOON! Research Newsletter:

Stay abreast of important research announcements, including the SIM-one Simulation Research & Innovation Grants Program, simulation research courses, and news items. Sign up by creating an account on our website and opting-in to research announcements.

COMING SOON! Simulation Research Primer:

Curious about integrating research into your simulation work? This distance-learning course provides an introduction to simulation research, facilitated experienced researchers from across the province. The first Primer is scheduled to launch in Fall 2013.

If you are interested in learning more about Research & Development at SIM-one, please visit You can also contact SIM-one directly at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing your feedback, or ideas for other ways we can support simulation R&D in Ontario!