Meta-Leadership in Health Professions Education: Class of fall 2012

Meta-Leadership in Health Professions Education: Class of fall 2012
April 29, 2013

SIM-one's inaugural Meta-Leadership was a tremendous success, receiving an overall value score of 4.6 out of 5 from participants.

On November 5-6, a select group of leaders from the healthcare simulation field came together to learn and work towards a common goal of improving the delivery of health professions education. During the program, participants were divided into meta-leader teams and developed projects with benchmarks and deliverables. Such projects ranged from knowledge sharing to the creation of networks to the development of learning tools. The teams will present their projects on February 21, 2013.

The teams are listed below along with project descriptions.

Group 1

Dr. Adam Dubrowski, Dr. George Kim, Dr. Scott McKay, Julie Rivers, Dr. Christopher Schlachta

Project Description - The goal of this project is to provide support for interdisciplinary mentorship and preceptorship, and to improve access to care through recruitment and retention of healthcare providers.

Group 2

Dr. Dimitri Anastakis, Dr. Dominic Giuliano, Michelle Morley, Dr. Kathryn Parker, Dr. Tim Willett

Project Description – This project will survey all the regulated health professions at the provincial level to see what their knowledge is in interprofessional (IPE) and in simulation, and if there is interest in developing a province-wide continuing education program that involves IPE and simulation.

Group 3

Ellen Bull, Dianne Diniz, Corrine Johnston, Dr. Cory Ross, Luc Simard

Project Description – The group will work towards developing a plan that will assist Ontario’s colleges to “efficiently and effectively leverage resources to build a sustainable simulation system”. Secondary goals include increasing the level of communication between colleges about simulation and raising the profile of health sciences simulation programs.

Group 4

Dr. Bruce Ballon, Dianne Barrafato, Dr. Doug Campbell, Dean Mills, Donna Romano

Project Description – The group will look to develop a toolkit for incorporating IPC/E and simulation into practice.

Group 5

Lise Bonin, Dr. Shirley Lee, Dr. Gordon Porter, Lisa Satterthwaite, Dr. Peter Voros

Project Description – The goal of this project is to develop core competencies of family practitioners to deliver an enhanced scope of emergency services in rural and remote areas of Ontario. The project will also aim to develop a culture of collaborative simulation for interprofessional care and education.

Group 6

Dr. Peter Azmi, Henry Allison, David Lamb, Lee Tregwin

Project Description – "Living Labs: a program to support innovation in simulation for the Province of Ontario"