International sim expert talks collaboration

International sim expert talks collaboration
September 12, 2013

Dr. Amitai Ziv leads the "Fireside Chat" discussion at SIM-one headquarters.

On September 10th, SIM-one’s 88 College Street headquarters was the stage for the “Fireside Chat with Dr. Amitai Ziv”. With a (simulated) fireplace as a backdrop, this relaxing networking event for friends and fellow simulationists was hosted by SIM-one and attended by members of the Toronto Academic Health Science Centre (TAHSN) community.

Dr. Ziv was the event’s keynote. A world-renowned expert in the field of simulation, he founded the Israel Center for Medical Simulation to lead a nationwide effort to introduce new standards and innovative approaches to healthcare training and patient safety education.

Collaboration and networking were the words of the day. During his presentation, Dr. Ziv discussed the importance of networking and collaboration, based on his extensive experience building simulation in his home country of Israel.

“Though we are all extremely busy,” Dr. Ziv said to the audience, “we need to find a better way to collaborate. Perhaps the Keystones (certificate program) is the answer, or perhaps SIM-one’s R&D arm through collaborative grants.”

Dr. Ziv is currently in sabbatical courtesy of TAHSN. During his stay, he has had the opportunity to explore leading simulation programs at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, SickKids Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

Dr. Ziv views Ontario as a leader in healthcare simulation. However, he says the Province can benefit from more collaboration amongst simulation centres—similar to his home country of Israel—and that SIM-one was perfectly situated to facilitate this.

“Ontario is a great place for simulation, but I believe there could be more collaboration between the simulation centres,” he said. “More collaboration would lead to better coordination, dissemination of best practices, knowledge transfer and cost-efficiencies.”

"It was wonderful to have Amitai spend time at SIM-one and speak with members of the TAHSN community,” said Dr. Bruce Ballon, SIM-one’s Director of Education. “He really endorsed the work we are doing here at SIM-one in helping network and synergize Ontario's simulation field. He highlighted the amazing international expertise of the GTA and commented on the importance of creating simulationists that can help transform healthcare education. We look forward to working with Dr. Ziv and his group in future global collaborations."

About SIM-one

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