Congratulations to the 2015 SIM-based CIPD grant recipient

Congratulations to the 2015 SIM-based CIPD grant recipient
Tue, March 24

This funding program responds to the priority learning needs of current front-line home care providers supporting seniors aging at home.

The recipient is:

Nicole Woods, Stella Ng, Sandra McKay, Cynthia Whitehead, Paula Rochon, Karen Jenkins, Cathy Evans, Corrine Hart, Karen Gold, Doug Campbell
Women’s College Hospital; VHA Home HealthCare; Fanshawe College; University of Toronto; Ryerson University; St. Michael’s Hospital

“Learning in place to support aging in place: a virtual home-based homecare curriculum"

Abstract: This innovative, evidence-informed curriculum will help personal support workers, nurses, and rehabilitation professionals provide more attentive, interprofessional care where many older adults want to stay: in their homes. Through a virtual home-based homecare curriculum, these professionals will be able to navigate 3 representative home environments online and learn through 3 patient profiles, individually or with their teams/colleagues. Learning will cover important facts about mental health, fall prevention, and when to consult another professional. Application of learning will be encouraged through test-enhanced learning. With a content focus on dementia, delirium, and depression, situated in a context-rich virtual home, and supported by educational theory-informed assessments and application opportunities, home healthcare professionals will gain knowledge, confidence, and interprofessional savvy. The continued development of the virtual home-based homecare curriculum is made possible by its design - with the ability to add additional patient profiles or variations in modules and virtual homes in the future.

SIM-one is proud to support the development of a simulation-based continuing interprofessional development (CIPD) program to address these priority learning needs and foster collaboration amongst the various institutions.

A single prize of $99,500 is awarded to support this unique collaborative of seniors care experts and simulation educators in Ontario to develop, pilot-test and refine this innovative interprofessional simulation-based program on the at-home care of seniors. Funding for this program is generously provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. 

The goal of this funding program is to respond to the priority learning needs of current front-line home care providers. A recent meta-summary report described significant, widespread learning needs related to providing home care. Needs related to general gerontology (normal and abnormal aging, the comprehensive geriatric assessment) and mental health for older adults (particularly depression, dementia and delirium) were identified as the most pressing. This program supports Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors and Patients First: Action Plan for Healthcare.

“I am really excited we were able to offer this unique grant program to advance simulation-based education, directly responding to urgent learning needs of front-line home care providers,” said Tim Willett, SIM-one’s Director of Research & Development. “The proposal put forward by Dr. Woods and colleagues is strong, uniquely collaborative and innovative; I look forward to seeing the program come to life.”

All submissions were independently peer-reviewed by an external panel of assessors. Scores were based on strength of the proposed curriculum, opportunities for simulation-based and interprofessional education, the development plan, the pilot testing and evaluation plan, collaboration among organizations, accessibility and scalability.

SIM-one would like to thank all applicants. We would also like to thank this year’s peer reviewers for their assistance and insight. 

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