Bruce's Blog: The SIM-one Simulationist Esprit!

Bruce's Blog: The SIM-one Simulationist Esprit!
September 23, 2013

Welcome to “Bruce’s Blog”, the first of many messages from yours truly, Bruce Ballon. I would like to dedicate my first entry to the SIM-one Simulationist and how you, like many others, can become one.

SIM-one is dedicated to developing and expanding the community of SIM-one Simulationists. This community is comprised of hard-working and collaboration-minded individuals who are well on their way to becoming leaders and experts in the exciting field of healthcare simulation education.

And now—with the dawn of a new education cycle upon us—I am excited to inform you that there are many new avenues to join in and become a SIM-one Simulationist.

For example, there are now twice as many courses to choose from to obtain our Keystones of Healthcare Simulation Certificate. In addition to our classic three courses (Essentials, Frame and Wizardry), we now have Synergies, the Simulation Research Primer and have cemented our e-Xplorers course. Participants are now using Keystones courses as credits to obtain a university-level Masters in Healthcare Education degree.

We are piloting courses this year that cover more of the creative and artistic side of simulation, including scenario writing, role playing, mental imagery and moulage. We will eventually bundle these course together as a new certificate program called MASCS. Completing MASCS will also earn you a certified SIM-one Simulationist designation.

SIM-one will begin reviewing the prior experiences of certificate candidates who have trained outside of SIM-one. Such candidates may have their learning/credits/experiences count as a possible credit towards SIM-one’s certificate programs. Visit the Keystones FAQs to learn more.

SIM-one was delighted to help launch the first ever SIM Symposium (Gateway to the North) in North Bay with great success. Co-hosted with Canadore College, Collège Boréal, Georgian College and Nipissing University, this networking event celebrated collaboration in the burgeoning field of health professions simulation. The event’s planning committee were all SIM-one Simulationists and graduates of our Keystones program. Due to this success, we plan to create more SIM Symposia with our community in the near future.

Lastly, we are very happy to announce the start of our inaugural SIM-one International Fellowship. Our first Fellow, Raya Gal, approached us with such keenness of spirit we decided to create and pilot this opportunity for her. Raya will be staying in Ontario for a year to learn more about simulation best practices in the Province. Read more about Raya.

There are many more exciting projects we will announce very soon…so keep an eye out for the next Blog entry!

Thank you for continuing to support SIM-one and our endeavours. Working together and growing our SIM-one Simulationist community, we will further position Ontario as the global leader in healthcare simulation!

For more information on SIM-one Education activities, please contact us at [email protected].



Bruce Ballon, BSc, MD, ESP(C), FRCPC
Director of Education
SIM-one—Ontario Simulation Network


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SIM-one—Ontario Simulation Network—is a not-for-profit organization that connects the simulation community, facilities, resources and services across the Province of Ontario. SIM-one advocates for and advances simulated learning in health professions education for the benefit of patient care and patient safety. Fully supported by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC), SIM-one’s vision is to further position Ontario as the global leader in healthcare simulation.

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