Become a "Collaborator"

Become a "Collaborator"
April 24, 2013

SIM-one invites the healthcare simulation community to sign up for "Find a Collaborator". This new online tool, available only to registered website users, brings together simulationists who want to work together on collaborative projects, from research to innovation to training to development and much more.

Signing up to become a "Collaborator" is an easy 2-step process:

  1. Login - To become a Collaborator, you must first login to the SIM-one website. Create an account.
  2. Professional Profile - Once logged in to the SIM-one website, go to "Edit My Professional Profile" and check the "Become a Collaborator" button. Update your profile. We encourage Collaborators to tag their simulation interests and specialties in their professional profiles to ensure optimal search results.

As a new feature, Find a Collaborator will benefit greatly from community participation. We strongly encourage our community of online users to take advantage of this online tool to help us successfully make it the transformative service it is intended to be.

For more information on Find a Collaborator, please contact [email protected].