Announcing the 2016 SIM Student Award recipient & 2016 SIM Citizen shortlist

Announcing the 2016 SIM Student Award recipient & 2016 SIM Citizen shortlist
September 13, 2016

Once again, SIM-one is proud to announce the 2016 SIM Student Award recipient and shortlist for the 2016 SIM Citizenship Award.


Congratulations to the 2016 SIM Student!

Megan Mahoney, a 4th year BScN student in the Brock University - Loyalist College Collaborative program, is the recipient of this year’s SIM Student Award. Her submission for the 2016 theme of “How healthcare simulation has become an integrated part of my learning and professional development” impressed the Awards Committee.

“Megan Mahoney's video was a creative expression and explanation of her simulation practice. Her example of video game simulation enhanced her entry, providing a breakdown of how simulation can be used and how it helped her feel comfortable in the clinical environment." – Keira Lum, Kinesiology and Health Science at York University

View Megan’s submission >

The SIM Student Award, generously sponsored by CAE Healthcare, was created to highlight the experiences of Canadian undergraduate (or equivalent) healthcare students who have used simulation to further develop their professional roles.

Megan will be recognized at the 2016 SIM Expo, taking place on October 5-7 at the InterContinental Toronto Centre hotel.


SIM Citizenship Award: Announcing the shortlist!

Congratulations to the following simulationists for making it into the 2016 SIM Citizenship Award shortlist:

  • Holldrid Odreman, Professor of Nursing and Program Coordinator of the Practical Nursing Program at Niagara College Canada
  • Karen Paquette, Health Science Simulation Technologist, Cambrian College

“Being a simulationist is like being the Wizard of Oz behind the Curtain,” says Dr. Bruce Ballon, Director of Education, SIM-one. “This reward is designed to pull back the curtain and let the heroes of simulation be recognized for their hard work, dedication, and passion. These awards recognize those in the field who go beyond the call of duty, for those who motivate other simulationists to follow suit, and help advance and evolve the field of simulation. I’m honoured to recognize these individuals, and thank them for their contributions above and beyond that of their role.”

Generously sponsored by HIROC, the SIM Citizenship Award recognizes simulationists who have made important contributions in the healthcare simulation field. It honours those who have made an outstanding impact in education, teaching, creative professional activities, and other endeavours. The award praises collaborative and dedicated simulationists who exceed expectations of promoting simulation in their communities.

Nominees will be recognized at the 2016 SIM Expo with a certificate. The award recipients will receive a certificate, award, and special mention on SIM-one’s website and social media channels.

Register for the 2016 SIM Expo. For more information about the 2016 SIM Expo, please contact [email protected].


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