What is Simulation & Other FAQs


What is Simulation?

Simulation is the imitation of some real thing, state of affairs or process. In health professions education, simulation is a methodology to help achieve educational goals. Healthcare simulation encompasses a range of activities that share a broad but common purpose: To improve the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare services.

What is a Simulationist?

A simulationist is an expert in the knowledge, skills and attitudinal aspects of using the methodologies of simulation to achieve learning objectives.

What is a Simulation Centre?

A simulation centre is a physical space where simulation is employed for health professions education. Simulation activities can include technical skills training (manikins, task trainers), role playing, virtual reality/e-learning and blended simulation.

For the purpose of Simulation Canada’s Simulation Centre Directory, a simulation centre can also refer to a program—not defined by physical space—that employs simulation for health professions education.